AVANSER API and Third Party Integration

AVANSER API and Third Party Integration

There are two main ways to integrate with 3rd Party APIs:

1. WebAPI:

The documentation is available here: https://avanserwebapi.docs.apiary.io/
Test system information: The test environment isavailable at https://api.test.avanser.com/JSON/

2. HTTP Callback Integration:

For each call, we will perform an HTTPS Get or Post to the designated HTTPS endpoint. This method allows to push via HTTP Get or via HTTP Post. When using POST we have a templating system where you can configure JSON or XML structure and we will fill the content with the values according to the calls received or made through our system.
Test system information: The service must be configured, then dummy calls must be created so that you can test the functionality. We'll need a staging Callback URL where to send the data.

Authentication Information: Authentication to our systems is HTTP Basic Authentication over SSL (HTTPS Auth Basic).
 Sample Request/Response: Available in the article AVANSER API Services Quick Reference Summary.


1. Would there be any difference in the two APIs apart from the way the API is triggered.

Yes, the WebAPI can return also Call Evaluation, Call Transcriptions, Call Sentiment and Call Notes.

2. Using WebAPI Console, when invoked a response using Mock Server, it is unable to get a mock response except for the TokenKey. 

The WebAPI can be tested live with any customer valid login details.

3. The Spec section seems to have hardcoded data but is it possible to provide a URL with working parameters so that it returns a mock response?

The customer can test the results themselves by (for example) calling the cURL command as per below:
curl --user 'client_username:client_password' --url 'https://api.avanser.com/JSON?action=getCDR&detailed=yes&limit=10'

4. In Callback HTTP URL, what type of authentication is supported when pushing to an external URL ? 

The only http authentication supported by the Callback HTTP URL api is HTTP Basic Authentication. That can be specified in the URL as per below:

5. Assuming that a Callback URL is ready, Is it possible to configure HTTP Callback Service from Mock Server?

Service is available for configuration. 
  1. We need some direction from the client in how to configure all the parameters. There are over 50 parameters available.
  2. What type of request it is supposed to use: POST or GET
  3. For POST we have to know if JSON or XML and what structure the object should have.

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