AVANSER Log4j Information Disclosure

AVANSER: Log4j Information Disclosure

This article refers to the Log4j Vulnerabilities discovered in December 2021.
More information about the vulnerabilities can be found at the link below.

Security Advisory

AVANSER constantly reviews Security Bulletins to ensure any relevant Security Adivsory disclosed is addressed in a timely manner.
This includes, but is not limited to, Australian's Cyber Security PortalCISA PortalMitre's Portal and CVE Portal

About Log4j Vulnerabilities

AVANSER does not use Log4j in its core infrastructure.
This vulnerability does not affect AVANSER's Core Systems.
Please refer to the following table as a reference:
Call Handling Systems
Not Affected
Not Affected
Post-Call Processing
Not Affected
3rd Party Integrations
Not Affected
AVANSER Legacy Portal
Not Affected
AVANSER Customer Portal
Not Affected
Click 2 Call
Not Affected
Not Affected
SIP Service
Not Affected
Not Affected
Not Affected, End of Life (No Futher Support)
Not Affected
Telco API
Not Affected
User API
Not Affected

3rd Party Software

AVANSER uses 3rd Party Software in maintaining and handling the AVANSER infrastructure. 
These 3rd Party Software applications are not exposed to the internet and are not reachable without an Administrative Access to AVANSER Servers. 
None of the Systems that required mitigation were reachable without Secure Connections.
Secure Connections to AVANSER Servers are provided only to AVANSER technical personnel.
AVANSER has undergone an extensive review of the 3rd Party Software and where the vulnerability was identified the following steps have been performed to ensure security:
  1. Review of each 3rd Party Software AVANSER uses: Performed.
  2. Assess if the systems were exposed to the internet without Administrative Access and Secure Connection: None Affected.
  3. Assessment of Log4j Vulnerability: Performed.
  4. Engaged the 3rd Party Supplier to confirm the presence of the vulnerability: Performed.
  5. Escalated to their Technical Support to detail mitigation procedures: Performed.
  6. Undergone 3rd Party Supplier mitigation processes: Performed.

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