Call Evaluation Overview

Call Evaluation Overview

Call evaluation tool allows businesses to rate all calls and give insight into the content of calls. You will have tangible evidence on which key areas need improvement and what your clients are calling about. 
This tool provides the user with the ability to complete an online form with answers to predefined questions related to each individual call. The form can be completed as a call arrives (pop up screen), or completed after call is terminated. The AVANSER Customer Portal provides reports on evaluated calls with classifications and filters. The evaluation screen is easily created or modified by authorised portal users.
It is an optional module and it will affect your monthly invoice. Contact your Account Manager if you require access to this feature. 
The following manual will guide you through the whole process: from creating an evaluation questions to reporting on calls.

How to set up

The list of evaluation questions (point 1.) and evaluation tabs (point 2.) can be configured from the Manage Evaluation section of the Settings menu in the left sidebar.

1. Configuring Evaluation Questions

Before starting the process of creation you need to decide on the key criteria that a successful call should have - questions creation and who will score the calls - user access.
If there are no existing questions configured you will see the notification message “There are no questions configured. Click Add New Question to start evaluating Questions”.

There are two ways to create a new evaluation question:

- Clicking the "Add New Question" button located at the top of the page.

- Copying an existing question by clicking the blue "Copy Question" button next to any question.

Both of these options open the same form for creating a new question - The only difference is that when copying an existing question, the form is pre-filled with the values from the question being copied.

- Clicking "Edit Question" opens the form and allows to apply changes to the form.

- "Save" button will maintain the values in the form (when creating a new one, pre-filled and edited values).

 - "Cancel" button will revert the action when new question is being copied / created.

 - "Delete" button will remove the question from evaluation. Deleting all questions will delete also the Tab.


Each question has to have provided details. The first field is used to specify which tab the question will be displayed in. The dropdown menu allows the user to select any of the existing tabs. There is also an option to create a new tab. Selecting a tab name is mandatory, and each tab can have multiple questions. 
The next two fields are used to provide a short title and a detailed description for the question. Deleting the last question in a given tab, or moving the question to a different tab, removes the tab from the interface entirely after saving. It also removes the tab from any access configuration.
The final field in the form for creating or editing a question is used to specify the question type, which determines how the question is displayed. Some question types are multiple-choice, meaning that they provide a list of predefined answers for the user performing the evaluation to choose from. When one of these question types is selected, the form displays an additional section for defining the possible answers. Selecting a question type is mandatory.

Question type
Multi Choice

Displays each answer as a checkbox, allowing the user to select multiple applicable answers. 
Dropdown Menu
Displays the answers in a dropdown menu, allowing the user to select a single answer.
Radio Button
Displays each answer as a radio button, allowing the user to select a single answer.
Displays a single-line text box, allowing the user to enter an answer.
Displays a multi-line text box, allowing the user to enter an answer. When the evaluation form is saved, the answer provided is used to update the label in the call log.
Email Alert
Displays a multi-line text box, allowing the user to enter an answer. If a value is provided, en email alert is sent containing the text provided. The subject of the email includes the question title and description, and the email content includes the answer to the specific question.
Email Alert - All Questions
Displays a checkbox. If the checkbox is checked, an email alert is sent containing the answers to all questions. The subject is "AVANSER Call Evaluation", and the email content contains the questions title, description, and answers for all questions.

When a multi-choice question type is selected, the form displays an additional section for defining the possible answers. Additional answers can be added by clicking the Add More button, and existing answers can be removed by clicking the cross button next to the answer. At least one answer must be provided in order to save the form.
Email Alerts: contact our Support team at to configure the email recipients.

2. Assigning Tabs

After evaluation questions are created their tabs have to be assigned to tracking numbers. 
It is possible to restrict which evaluation tabs are displayed for any given call based on the tracking number, essentially allowing separate question lists to be created for different tracking numbers.
Minimum of two tabs have to be created in order to start using of the evaluation.

By default, each tracking number will have access to all of the tabs. When a new tab is created, it will automatically be assigned to any tracking numbers that already have all other tabs assigned, but not to tracking numbers where the list of assigned tabs is restricted.

  1. A table listing all of tracking numbers is displayed. Each row in the table contains checkboxes indicating which tabs are currently assigned to the given tracking number. The checkboxes are read-only and cannot be edited. Clicking the green "Assign Tabs" button for any tracking number opens a form for editing the list of tabs that are assigned to that tracking number. The form displays the tracking number, along with checkboxes to set which tabs should be assigned to it. In order to save the form, at least one tab must be selected.
  1. If the same list of tabs needs to be assigned to a large number of tracking numbers, the Bulk Operations button at the top of the page can be used. First, you must select which tracking numbers to update, using the checkbox. Clicking the checkbox at the top of the table automatically selects all checkboxes in the current page. If at least one tracking number is selected, the Bulk Operations button opens a form similar to the one for assigning tabs to a single tracking number, except that saving the form updates the assigned tabs for all of the selected tracking numbers. The list of tracking numbers that will be affected, along with their current configuration, will be displayed below in the form.

How to use

When all questions and its tabs as well as user permissions are in place, you can start the process on existing and incoming calls - evaluation (point 3 a/b) and its reporting (point 4. and 5.).

3. Calls Evaluation

Calls can be evaluated from the "Evaluate Calls" page, which can be found at the very bottom of the left sidebar or from the "Call Log" tab.
  1. 3a) Evaluate Calls

The evaluation page is similar to the call log, displaying a list of calls based on the filters that are currently applied. Calls are only listed if they have a recording file, and if the logged in user has access to at least one of the evaluation tabs that is assigned to the given tracking number.
The "+" button  located the left-most column of each row opens a popup to evaluate the given call. The popup displays an audio player to listen to the call recording, followed by the evaluation form. The evaluation form displays all of the questions configured in the Evaluation Questions page. 

None of the questions in the evaluation form are mandatory. However, if an answer is provided for at least one question, the call is marked as evaluated.
The "+" button for the given call in the evaluation page will change from an Evaluate Call button to an Edit Evaluation  button, and the existing answers will be pre-filled in the evaluation form. It is possible to update any of the evaluation answers except for Email Alert and Email Alert (All Questions) question types. Once an email alert has been sent, it is not possible to edit these questions, and a message is displayed to indicate this.
  1. 3b) Call Log 

To evaluate calls from the "Call Log", the field "Evaluate Call" has to be added to the table and call recording has to be present.  
Evaluation panel works exactly the same as explained above in point 3a.
To indicate which calls has been evaluate, call log field button will change its name from "Evaluate Call" to "Edit Evaluation"  If required, details can be updated from there.
  1. 3c) Advanced Evaluation

Advanced Evaluation module is visible only to users with admin level of access and can be configured by our Support Team for standard users if required. To switch to advanced mode - click on a button at the bottom of the Call Evaluation page 
In Advanced Evaluation, fewer call details are displayed for each call and there are also a number of additional features:
- When one user is evaluating a call, the call is locked so that no other use can evaluate that call. 
- There is a time limit for evaluating the call, and a countdown timer is displayed at the top of the evaluation form. Once the timer expires, the evaluation form is automatically closed without saving any of the answers. This allows other users to evaluate the call. The expiration time defaults to 20 minutes and can be updated only by our Support Team.
- After saving the evaluation answers for a call, the evaluation form for the next call is loaded automatically. Once all of the calls have been evaluated or skipped, the popup will close. The call that is loaded automatically must not have already been evaluated, been skipped by the user, or currently be locked by another user. The logged in user must also have access to at least one of the evaluation tabs that is assigned to the given tracking number
- There is a Skip button alongside the Save button to skip the call and load the next call, as per the previous point. The call will remain marked as skipped for the duration of the user’s session (ie. until the user is forced to log in again).

4. Summary Of The Evaluation

Breakdown of all questions that have been marked during evaluation in a graphic and % representation of each one of them.
In an easy way you can see which question was used and what was the response. Clicking on a question field will open a new window with the list of all calls that have marked this question.


5. Detailed Evaluations

This report shows you the answers to your evaluation questionaire for each phone call.

Evaluation Access

  1. Evaluation tabs are only displayed if user has access to a tracking number and it's evaluation tab - this can be assigned by Super User on the account. This configuration can be found in User Management tab -> Manage Users button located next to each user name. By default, none of the tabs will be assigned to the user and when a new tab is created, no users will have access to it by default. Creating an access restriction for this user will remove access to evaluation for all other users until they are configured seperately.


Before allowing user to have the evaluation access, make sure that user has access to required tracking number, no data will be showing in evaluation tab without it.
- Number access can be changed in "Access Rights" section, and access can be given to all or selected numbers. 
- Evaluation access can be changed in "Evaluation Access Settings" - list with all of the evaluation tabs. This section is only displayed if there is two or more tabs configured. 


Call recording has to be enabled on the number that has to be evaluated.
Creation of the questions and their tabs can be done only by Super User. Please contact our Support team if you wish grant this permission to other users or you think you might need it. 

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