Call Recording Guidelines

Call Recording Guidelines

Call recording is an important feature for many businesses and this solution is often bundled with AI-powered analytics, and even agent coaching systems.
Not only does call recording provide valuable compliance and regulatory assurance, it also gives businesses measurable insights into customer satisfaction and marketing effectiveness. Call recording can also help determine lead quality, assist with managing complaints and play a vital role in quality management and training.
With recording calls however, comes some additional obligations that are mandated by law. These revolve around informing your callers of the fact their call is being recorded.
In Australia regulations such as those are imposed by the Australian Telecommunications Interception and Access Act 1979 and makes it an offence to listen to a live phone call or call recording without the permission of one or both of the parties involved. The general rule is that recording business calls in Australia is illegal unless the other party is informed in advance that this is happening.
Best-in-class call recording solutions today, like the one AVANSER currently offers are entirely digital. They integrate with the existing contact centre and business telephony platform, leveraging the cloud for storage.
At AVANSER, we have this covered off and we will provide you with a  preamble voice message informing your customers that their calls are being recorded and this is included as part of your account set up.
Please note that call audio is available for 3 months. Storage time can be extended as a paid feature, please contact your Account Manager for more details.
Each audio file can be downloaded to your device as mp3 format directly from Call Log.

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