Outbound Calls via DONA

Outbound Calls via DONA

DONA (Direct Outbound Network Access) enables users to place outbound calls using AVANSER network. This allows AVANSER to track outbound calls without the need of any software or hardware - gives you the power of the AVANSER Dialler, without the need for portal access.
How it works? 
We assign a tracking number for your users to call from, and prepare a white list of numbers that are permitted to make calls and we will register the mobile/landline numbers that are authorised to use the DONA. Multiple users can be registered to make the outbound call using the same GEO local number. This is used as an authentication method and allows us to identify which numbers are allowed to make such calls.
If a white listed number calls the tracking number, they will be presented with a dialtone and can call out to numbers within their authorised country. Anyone not white listed can be routed as you choose, so return callers can be directed as normal.
DONA is essentially a 2 stage outbound dialling service.
  1. User would need to dial a specific GEO number. (It is recommend to store the GEO number on the user phone as a speed dial function to enable quick connection.)
  2. Once dialing to the GEO number from the registered number, the user will hear an AVANSER Dial tone. The user then dial an outbound number as usual.
The Caller ID shown on the receiver's phone will be the Tracking number and all inbound calls from this number can be set up to ring on an answer point number.

Contact us at Client Success if you are interested in tracking your outbound calls.
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