Direct Debit FAQ

Direct Debit FAQ

1. What is Direct Debit?

Direct debit is an automated service which will withdraw your monthly due invoice amount and any outstanding amounts from your nominated credit card or bank account.

2. What Credit Cards are supported?

Currently only Visa and Mastercard are supported.  

3. Are there any fees?

  1. Credit Card Direct Debits will incur a 1.90% processing fee.
  2. Direct Debit from your Bank Account does not incure a processing fee.
  3. An initial charge of $0.01 will be used to validate your card or bank account and will be credited upon successful validation with the bank.

4. How is Direct Debit Set Up?

To access Direct Debit, you need to log to your Customer Portal.
Payment section can be accessed via icon located in the right upper corner of the screen (1).
After clicking on it, Account Payments section will be visible - Direct Debit access is located at the bottom of the list (2).

After choosing Manage Direct Debit, the section will open on the right side of the screen.
Select either Credit Card or Bank Account.

Depending on the option you will have to provide credit card details or bank account details.



To save the details of your preferred payment method - click on the button "Save" located under details section.
Your Direct Debit should be active now.

5. What if I have multiple accounts?

In case you have multiple accounts you will have to set up and manage Direct Debit separately for each account. 

6. How can I update my existing details?

If you wish to change your existing Credit Card or Bank Account details, navigate to the set up screen and edit the details. Then click "Save".
Please refer to FAQ no.4 for instructions.

7. How can I remove Direct Debit?

Please contact us via email at to disable Direct Debit.

8. When is the Direct Debit payment processed?

Your payment will be processed within 24 hrs from your invoice due date.

9. Where can I check if my payment has been processed?

All transactions are visible in the Recent Transactions tab. We will also send confirmation to your billing/invoicing email address.


10. What happens if I have overdue invoices?

Upon setting up Direct Debit you will automatically be charged the total overdue amount.

11. What if I don't have enough funds in my account?

If the Direct Debit charge amount exceeds the available funds in your Credit Card or Bank Account, Direct Debit will automatically be disabled and you will receive an email notification that the payment was declined. 
You will need to manually pay your outstanding invoice.
Direct Debit will have to be manually enabled by logging to Client Portal and providing new detail. Please refer to FAQ no.4

12. What if my payment was incorrect?

If a refund is required for a Direct Debit payment, we will refund the amount through the original payment method. Refunds can take up to 7 business days to appear.

13. Need help?

If you require assistance with setting up Direct Debit, are experiencing issues or have general questions please contact us via email at

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