Integrations: Google Ads - Set Up Conversions

Integrations: Google Ads - Set Up Conversions

This article will guide you through the configuration of Google Ads. 

You will need to create a Conversion Action within Google Ads. This conversion will be used for attribution.

Navigate to and login with your Google Credentials.

Click on Tools and Settings > Conversions.

Click on New conversion action.

The Conversion creation interface will open. Click on Import > Manual importing using API or uploads > Track conversions from Clicks, then Click Continue.

You can now configure the Conversion Name
  1. Set the Conversion Name to "AVANSER Call", if you used a customised Conversion Action Name when the numbers were configured in the Customer Portal, Google Ads Conversion Name and AVANSER Conversion Action Name must match exactly. In order to check what value is set in your configuration go to Customer Portal > Integrations > Google Ads > Numbers
  2. In the Value section - click on Don't use a value for this conversion action.
  3. In the Count section - click on Every. If you do not want additional calls from the same caller to be counted as individual conversions, you can set this to One. This only affects calls made during an eight-hour session duration.
  4. Click Create and Continue.
If you wish to change the Conversion Name to something other than "AVANSER Call" ensure that the Conversion Action Name in your AVANSER Client Portal configuration is exactly identical to your chosen Conversion Name

If you are confident in managing Google Ads, you can customise the values above as desired.

For example; If you want to use a different Conversion Name you can configure it here and use the value when configuring Numbers reporting.

Pro-Tip: Duplicate Imports
If you are currently importing the conversions through Google Analytics, you will need to disable the goal import otherwise you will get duplicate conversions.

You can do this by removing the goal Conversion Action in the Conversions screen. The GA import goal will be labelled with "Source: Analytics".

You may need to add the "Conversions" column to the reports. This can be done by clicking the "Columns" button and then selecting the Conversions column under the "Conversions" metric. This will need to be done for each report you wish to view the conversions in.

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