Integrations: Google Analytics 4 - Set Up Conversions

Integrations: Google Analytics 4 - Set Up Conversions

This tutorial will guide you in how to configure a Conversion based on AVANSER Call Events. The AVANSER Call Events are sent when a call for a Google Analytics 4 enabled number is received, they are reported automatically in Google Analytics 4. If you want to know how to configure your numbers for Google Analytics 4 reporting follow the dedicated knowledge base article Integrations: Google Analytics 4. 
Migrating from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4
has no "Goals" to configure. Instead it uses "Conversions".  For more information about Conversions you can refer to this Google KB Article.

Configure Google Analytics 4 Conversion - Ex Universal Analytics Goals

After opening your GA4 Dashboard, select the account in the top  bar and select the GA4 account you want to configure the conversion for.
Open then the left menu and click on Configure.

Once the Configuration section loads, click on Events, then on Create event.

A new section will open listing your existing events. Click on Create.

In this section you'll have to configure the Event properties as configured following Integrations: Google Analytics 4

Fill the form values, simply follow the checklist below:
  1. Custom Event Name
    Defines the name this event will have in your reporting. You can name it whatever you want.
  2. Matching Conditions
    This section configures the attribution between the Event sent by AVANSER and your Dashboard.
    1. Parameter: set this to "event_name"
    2. Operator: set this to "equals"
    3. Value: Must match the event name configured in GA4 Integration in AVANSER Customer Portal.
      Use "AVANSER_Call" unless you have changed the default event name when configuring AVANSER's Google Analytics 4 Integration.
  3. Parameter Configuration
    Make sure to thick "Copy parameters from the source event" to guarantee all AVANSER Call details are available in your GA4 Reports.

Once you have configured the new Event, you must thick "Mark as Conversion" toggle to guarantee the Conversion is created.

Events will then be available in your Reports. 
Please Note 
Can take up to 24-48h for Google to update your Reports with newly created Events and Conversions.
How long this process takes is outside of AVANSER's control. 

Reports and Conversions

Once your events are being reported to Google Analytics 4 you can check the Conversions generated by these events by accessing the Conversions report. 

Open the left menu and click on Reports. Click then Engagement and Conversions.

Events as configured will display in the Event list, you can now proceed to configure your reporting as desired.

Custom Dimensions and Metrics

Google Analytics 4 provides additional customisation of your reporting using Custom Dimensions and MetricsAVANSER Events carry all information that we can legitimately send to Google Analytics 4 allowing you to use Custom Dimensions and Metrics based on AVANSER Events.

Using Custom Dimensions and Metrics is optional and the answer to whatever use them or not depends on the business rules you want to implement in your Reporting.

If you are interested in understand how you can configure Custom Dimensions and Metrics you can refer to this Google's KB Article.
A detailed list of Event Properties that are provided with each Event is available in Integrations: Google Analytics 4 knowledge base article.

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