Reports: Dashboard and Dialer

Reports: Dashboard and Dialer


The AVANSER Customer Portal Dashboard gives you a quick breakdown of your calls and offers a comparison between your current data and the previous period to help you gauge performance.

Dashboard Summary

Summary and comparison (current data vs. previous period) of your calls for required period of time can be seen in a separate blocks, where:

Total Calls
The sum of Answered and Missed Calls. For more information about call statuses, please click HERE
Missed CallsThe sum of calls with status "not answered" and "not succesful fax"
Answered CallsThe sum of calls with status "answered" and successful fax"
SMS Messages
The sum of all messages. Option available only for VMN numbers. For more information about number types, please click HERE
Total DurationThe total of all duration of all calls, regardless of status (minutes or seconds)
Average DurationTotal duration/Total calls
Unique CallersAll of the unique callers numbers
Busiest Period
The busiest period inside the whole date range, e.g. if the range is a year - then, it picks up the bussiest month

Calls Report

Calls Report provide you with comparison of Answered and Missed Calls for current and previous period of time. Each point on the line will show exact number for that day.


To print or export this graph click on a button located t the right upper corner of the Calls Report; you can use this option for all graphs. 
After pressing button  required report will be downloaded.

Filter button

The default date is set to display the current day’s date , you can change the date range by simply clicking the Filter button  at the top left hand side of the page and selecting from drop down list the date range options. Custom range allow you to define your own date range by selecting start and end date. 

After selecting required options click the Apply button
Setting a Custom Date Range allows all the account data to be viewed. AVANSER holds calls records for at least 7 years. However, a maximum or 10000 records will be displayed in a single search. If this limit is reached, please narrow the filter conditions. 
Another function you can use after clicking on Filter button is Ad Source, where you can select one or multiple Ad Sources and you can view the total number of calls for the selected.
Ad Source is a name added to the tracking number.

After selecting required options click button Apply 
The chosen filters will appear at the top of the page below filter button 
To remove all of them, click on the button Clear  at the Filter window or simply click on chosen filter next to the date if you want to remove it from the list.
Selected filters will apply to all data and options available on the Dashboard.


You can print or export home page view as a PDF by selecting Print  button at the top of the page. 

Dialer / Messages

Access to this module may not be configured for you. If you are interested in tracking outbound calls and SMS or Virtual Mobile numbers please contact your account manager. Additional cost may apply.
Clicking on a Dialer  button located on the left upper corner of the page will open new window with access to Dialer pad and SMS module.
Dialer allows you to make outbound calls from your tracking numbers and quick SMS allows you to send SMS using your virtual mobile numbers.
Dialer pad can be used only to establish connection between your number and calling party. 

Your Country - Country of your service
Your Number - Your personal number / number you wish to connect calls to
Target Country - Country you want to call. Has to be provided before Target Number
Target Number - Phone number you wish to call
Record Call - If you want to record that call this box needs to be "ticked"
Show Number - If you wish to show your phone number this box need to be "ticked", otherwise call will be marked as a Private Number. Also you can show your VMN number if you have one, otherwise that connection will be marked as Private.
 Call request
 Clear All button remove provided phone number
Call Label - Name you can add to you call - it will be visible in the call log.
Call Notes - Notes added directly to the dialer and visible in the call log. 

From - Drop down list with all your VMN numbers
To - You need to write the Country and phone number you want to send SMS message to
Message - Write the message you want to send
 Send Message button
 Cancel button

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