TalkDesk: Academy

TalkDesk: Academy

TalkDesk platform comes with a rich knowledge base and plenty of documentation on how to master all the features available with the product. 
In order to facilitate the integration of TalkDesk in any environment you can access the free Academy service.

The TalkDesk Academy is a great repository of knowledge that can be easily understood by following the training courses it provides. Its training courses are designed to provide support and guidance to anyone using the TalkDesk services from the Agent to the Admins.

AVANSER will always assist you in every request, however becoming proficient in leveraging the customisation and functionalities available in TalkDesk will help you tailor your experience based on your business needs.

Step 1: Register for the service

If you have not already, register for the Academy. It is simple and free and requires just a few minutes.

Open your browser and navigate to and click on the Sign In | Sign Up link in the top right corner of the page.

You'll be redirected to the Sign In | Sign Up screen.

If you have an account already proceed to perform the login and jump to Step 2. Otherwise, click on Sign Up and follow the steps below.

Fill the form information and click on Sign Up. A new page will open and will take you to the Academy Homepage. 

You will notice the the Sign In | Sign Up link is now replaced with your Profile.

Step 2: Select the Course

You are free to undergo any Certification in the Academy, each Certification will provide you detailed information on what you'll be able to master by following each Course. Certifications are split in small topics that can vary from 5m to 10m to complete.

Scroll down the Academy Homepage until you reach the Certifications.

Each Certification provides a path to master a role as TalkDesk User. Accessing a Certification will provide you detailed information about its Courses. Selecting Agent in the Academy Homepage, for example, and you'll be presented with all the Courses required to obtain the Certification.

Follow each course sequentially and you'll be able to obtain the certification. The example below shows you the Course detail for TalkDesk Basics course. 

Click Begin Course to start the training and click Start, when you are ready to begin.

Yay! You successfully accessed your first Course and you are ready to begin your Certification!

From here the process is very simple to follow, click Watch the video, complete the Quiz and proceed to the next Course.

Happy Learning!

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