TalkDesk: Contacts Overview

TalkDesk: Contacts Overview

What is a Contact?

When an inbound or an outbound call is made using TalkDesk, a Contact will be automatically created. If you are integrating with your CRM, all your customer contacts will be available in the Contacts Tab. 
Calls made and received from unknown contacts will be created and the number will be available in the Contact detail.
In order to access your Contacts list, open TalkDesk and navigate to the Contacts Tab.

You'll be presented with your Contacts list.

How do I manage my Contacts?

Navigate to the Contacts Tab and you'll be presented with your Contacts list.

Updating your contacts with the correct information is recommended for reporting purposes, but is not a requirement.
Populating the Contact details will enable you to search for any of the contact information and will provide additional details in Explore reports.

Clicking New Contact will prompt you to create a new contact, and clicking either the Edit or Delete icons will allow you edit or delete the contact.
You can also initiate a quick dial the contact by clicking the Phone icon.

How do I search my Contacts?

Use the Search Bar at the top right of the table in the Contacts list to search for your Contacts.
You'll be able to search by:
  1. Name
  2. Number(s)
  3. Email
  4. Company
Type whatever information you'd like to find but just ensure that you are typing at least 5 characters (letters or numbers) in order for the Search to identify contacts that match your search criteria.

Advanced Search functionalities are available using the Explore reports.

Where to find Activities for a Contact?

Click on the contact Name and you'll be directed to the Contact Details.

Once you have selected the Activity Tab you'll be presented with the Contact Activities, in here you can see the Contact history.

Clicking on a Call will provide you with information about the Activity and, if available, allow you to listen to the Call Recording.

What's the difference between Activities and Contacts Tabs?

The Activities and Contacts Tabs provide the basically the same information but with different focus.

The Activities Tab displays your full call log with the most recent activities at the start of the list.
This allows you to review all calls in a chronological order as well as providing a quick way to access to most recent customers that you have been in contact with.

The Contacts Tab offers you a list of all contacts which is the bet way to access all call history for any given Contact.

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