TalkDesk: Outbound Number Selection

TalkDesk: Outbound Number Selection

This article will guide you on how to setup what outbound numbers are available to your Talkdesk agents.

When a number is assigned to your account, Numbers configuration is available in the Classic view.
Navigate to Admin > Numbers.

Numbers available to the account are listed here. Each number has one or more ring groups assigned. Agents that are assigned to the same ring groups set on each number will be able to dial out from that specific number.

In the example above there are two ring groups: agents, which is also set to each Talkdesk Agent and inbound-only that is used only in the Studio Flow to handle incoming calls.

In the example above the agents ring group has two numbers: Geo Demo and Avanser-US. As a result Talkdesk Agents assigned to the agents ring group will be able to choose which number to use on their next outbound call. Check the example below:

It is important to check how ring groups are assigned to numbers, agents must have such ring groups in order to be able to use them.

Agents can have multiple ring groups, for simplicity name a ring group "outbound-numbers" and set it to all numbers meant for outbound dialing, then set the rest of the numbers to "inbound-only" that will make easier to identify what numbers are supposed to be used for outbound and what numbers are supposed to be used for inbound.

Enabling the Outbound Caller ID selection is easy, navigate to Admin > Preferences.

Scroll down to Outbound Caller ID Selection options:

  1. Select Customized. 
  2. Untick Enable the Default Outbound Caller ID option; when enabled it automatically selects a number from the list based on the agent activity, it is better for the Agent to manually select what number to use to reduce chance of error. 
Outbound Caller ID preferences can also be changed on a per Agent basis. As an Admin edit any Agent. Scroll down to Outbound Caller ID Settings and tick Override Account Settings and proceed to configure the Agent preferences.

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