Troubleshooting Call Issues

Troubleshooting Call Issues

If you are experiencing issues with your AVANSER phone numbers, chances are you've already performed some initial testing to confirm the problem.
Below are some common scenarios and related troubleshooting methods which we recommend you attempt before contacting our Support team, as in most cases these can resolve your issue.

Scenario 1 - The Answer Point isn't ringing

In this scenario, you call the tracking number but your answer point phone doesn't ring. This can have a few different causes, to determine which confirm the following:
  1. Do your test calls appear in your call log in the Portal?
    1. If yes, proceed to step 2.
    2. If no, proceed to step 4.
  2. Try calling your answer point phone directly. Does it ring?
    1. If yes, proceed to step 3. 
    2. If no, the issue is with your answer point. Contact your phone provider for assistance. 
  3. Try calling the tracking number from a different phone, preferably if it is with a different provider. Does it ring?
    1. If yes, the issue could be caused by a carrier outage. Check the service status of the carrier that provides the phone service for the non-working phone.
    2. If no, proceed to step 4.
  4. Submit a ticket to Support, providing the following details:
    1. Description of the issue.
    2. Tracking number(s) affected.
    3. Answer Point(s) affected.
    4. IDs of affected calls (these can be found in your call log in the Portal).
    5. Details of any testing you conducted.
Performing these tests will greatly assist our support team with diagnosing your issue, and ensure a speedier resolution.

Scenario 2 - Received a Missed Call Notification but phone didn't ring

There are several legitimate reasons you may be receiving a missed call notification without your phone ringing.

The key thing to note is AVANSER is aware of the call before it is routed to the answer point number. This is important as In the event of a misdial or wrong number the caller may hang up before the call has connected and rung your phone, but AVANSER still logs the call and sends a missed call notification.

A caller may also abandon a call at an IVR (interactive Voice Response), meaning they have hung up before choosing an option. In this case since the call wasn't routed to an answer point, there wasn't a ring. This can be identified by checking the missed call notification; if it lists the call status as "Abandoned" and the answer point as the name of the IVR (e.g "Main Menu"), then the caller hung up at the IVR and the answer point didn't receive a call.

Another situation may occur when the call is connected your answer point but your phone only rings for a second, making it easy to miss. This is likely due to the call timing out before it has sufficient chance to ring at your phone. The default timeout value for AVANSER calls is 25 seconds (8 rings), which is usually enough however can sometimes need to be extended due to various factors (e.g. long connection time due to international transfer). If you think this is the issue, please reach out to our support team and request the timeout for your answer point be extended.

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