User Preferences

User Preferences

User Preferences module allows you to modify basic setting and personalization of your account.


This module can be access when clicked on the 1. button located on the right upper corner of the page.

Then you need to select 2. User Preferences button and click on it.
New window will open with user details. 

Personal Information 

Here you can update your name, email address or phone number / country and password.
The phone number is your personal number which might be used as a answer point to tracking numbers. Phone number change affects features in the Portal and email address change will affect password reset. For more details please contact your Account Manager.
To save new set up click button "Update Info"  when all changes are applied.

Region Settings

In order to change settings for language and geographical context like: time zone, currency and date format use Region Settings modal.
Please make sure your region settings are as your location. Any changes will impact your data view and reporting.

New window will appear wit a drop down menu for each selection. Use button "Update Region" to save your changes.

Display Settings

You can personalize the look of the portal as well as details used in reporting - call log and dialer. 

Portal Theme
Change to the colour looks on the portal.
Phone Numbers
Numbers can be displayd as a format with international code  or with a country flag
This option is applicable if you have caller identificationin your contact list. By default "Show only the number and the name (if available)" option is applied.
Date Selector
Can be used when location is changed. By default local time settings are applied.
View Duration
Applies to any time related fields. By default format hr:min:sec is applied.
Advanced Dialer
Allows to add notes and label field to the Dialer tab, which can be used directly when making calls via Dialer.
You have two options on how you can record your calls:
- Record both your channels - Mix Channel Recording (Mono), where caller and callee are combined in a single channel recording file. Left and right of the audio file are mixed together on the same track.
- Record only your channel - Split Channel Recording (Stereo), where caller and callee are separated. One is on the left channel, one is on the right channel.
By default Split Channel is applied.

Use button "Update Display" to save your changes.

Client Change

Users with multiple clients can switch beetwen accounts by clicking on "Change Client". New window with dropdown will open where all available accounts can be found.

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