Xplan: Fact Sheet

Xplan: Fact Sheet

AVANSER Xplan integration provides the perfect way to integrate the calls and voicemails into your Xplan document notes.

The integration allows to seamlessly create Document Notes for your Xplan contacts, providing both transcription in the form of a conversation and the audio file that is upload directly to your Xplan platform. 

This makes it perfect for compliance purposes as AVANSER can setup a scheduled deletion of the recordings and transcriptions according to the customer security and compliance requirements. 

What is required for the integration to work?

All is required is for you to configure your Xplan custom address in our Legacy Portal and select what numbers need to be reported to Xplan.
AVANSER Legacy Portal will take you to Xplan and there you'll be able to Authorize the integration. That's usually something we'll work with Xplan to enable, please ensure to copy us with your Xplan account manager so we can ensure your Account is ready.

How does the integration work?

Each call is uploaded to your Xplan platform in the form of a Document Note associated with a Contact. The caller or called party are matched within your Xplan platform and each Contact matching number will have the Note attached.
At no time AVANSER downloads the customer information. Xplan API integration returns us anonymous IDs that are then later used to perform the Note association.
The information available in the Note is:
  1. Call ID
    AVANSER Call ID, can be used as a reference if any type of request related to the call has to be made to our Support Team
  2. Call Date
    Date AVANSER originally received the Call.
  3. Calling Number
    Caller Number (Inbound Call) or Destination Number (Outbound Call)
  4. Tracking Service Name
    AVANSER Tracking Service friendly name as configured in AVANSER System.
  5. Tracking Number
    AVANSER Tracking Number, that's the number used for Inbound and Outbound tracking purposes.
  6. Call Direction
    Inbound or Outbound
  7. Call Duration
    Total Call Duration (HH:MM:SS)
  8. Talk Time
    Total Talk Duration (HH:MM:SS)
  9. Answer Point Name
    Answer Point friendly name as configured in AVANSER System
  10. Answer Point Number 
    Answer Point number as configured in AVANSER System
  11. Caller Location
    Approximation Available for Geo Numbers and Calls made via Mobile to 1300, 1800 or 13 Numbers. 
  12. Call Status
    Answered, Busy, Missed, Abandoned
With Call Recording Enabled
  1. Recording or Voicemail files will be uploaded to with the Note.
  2. Enabling multi-channel recording for Inbound, Outbound calls and Voicemails will allow the Conversation between parties or Voicemail transcript to be uploaded in the Note. 
If you are using the Tracking Service with our Dynamic Numbers service you'll also receive the following information with the Call Note. This data is collected automatically depends on how Dynamic Numbers service is configured. No additional configuration is required for it to work.
  1. Web Source
  2. Web Medium
  3. Web Campaign
  4. Web Keywords
  5. Web Referrer
  6. Web Landing Page
  7. Web Conversion Page 

Quick Fact Sheet

  1. How are the Contact matched within Xplan?
    AVANSER Xplan Integration will query Xplan providing the Caller/Called Number. Xplan then provides anonymised results that correspond to a Contact in the customer's Xplan system.
  2. Is any data retrieved from Xplan?
    No, No Data is retrieved from Xplan. The service does not know the contact details when searching the Xplan system, but only what IDs match the search. The search process is performed by Xplan and data never leaves the Xplan Platform.
  3. What happens if multiple Contact match the Caller/Called Number?
    AVANSER integration will create a Document Note for each Contact.
  4. What happens if a Contact is not found within Xplan?
    AVANSER requires a valid contact into Xplan to upload the Notes. In case the Number is not matched within the Xplan system, the call will still be available in AVANSER Legacy Portal, but won't be available in Xplan.
  5. What happens to the Audio files after the AVANSER Data Retention Policy expires?
    Audio files are uploaded into Xplan, deletion of the audio files in the AVANSER system will not cause the audio files uploaded to Xplan to be deleted as well. You'll have to discuss with your Xplan account manager about storage size and data retention policy.
  6. What control has AVANSER over the data uploaded to Xplan?
    Once the data is uploaded AVANSER has no control over the data within Xplan. The only operation we perform is upload. This is due the nature of the Xplan system and the security and compliance requirements.

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