Billing Explained

Billing Explained

1. First Invoice and Billing Cycle

After signing in with AVANSER you will receive your 1st invoice during the 1st week of the following month. Our billing cycle starts at the first day of the month and finishes at the last day of the month.
E.g. If your account become active on the 17th of June - your invoice will be send to you within the first week of July and it will include charges from June 17th to the June 30th
Invoices will be sent to you via email to the billing address you provided. 

2. Types of Charges and Invoice Details

Each invoice shows set recurring charges (e.g. number rental, agent fee, routing fee) and variable usage charges (e.g. minutes, sms, transcription). 
Details of usage and feature charges are itemised in the monthly invoice and can also be found and downloaded in the Portal (please refer to point 3).

3. Payments Details

Invoices can be paid via Bank Transfer, BPay, Direct Debit or Credit Card.

Direct debit and credit card payments as well as all invoices and transaction details can be found in the Portal >> Payments section. If you do not have access to payment section, please contact AVANSER Billing Team at     

a) Recent Transactions

Here you can find details of all your transactions and payments as well as the balance on the account. Copies of the invoices are also available for download. You will find two files: the pdf Invoice and the excel spreadsheet of the invoice breakdown details.

b) Make a Payment

This page has 2 tabs, Pay with Card, and Pay with Direct Debit. Here, you can also see your outstanding amount due for payment and you can pay invoices via credit card or direct debit.  Scroll down and you will be able to see the invoice(s) number. If you have chosen Pay with Direct Debit, you will be re-directed to Manage Direct Debit page explained below: c) Manage Direct Debit. 
Payments done via credit card will be instantly visible on your account.

c) Manage Direct Debit

This page allows you to create automatic payments by Credit Card or Bank Account. You can create or manage direct debit settings here. If you wish to stop direct debit, you need to contact AVANSER billing team at 
Please note that we do not keep any credit card and bank account details in our system.
For more information, please refer to the article Direct Debit FAQ

4. Multiple Accounts

Each account has its own billing and invoices and for clients that have access to multiple accounts, it is crucial to select the correct account while making a payment or setting up a direct debit. 
To change account, after logging in to the Portal: 
  1. Legacy Portal click on the account name
  2. Customer Portal click on the "Change Client"
A drop down with all accounts available to you will open - select the required account.


5. Account Cancellation and Final Invoice

Termination of the account requires 30 days notice upon receiving your cancellation request, after which your account will be billed until the termination date and as per our billing cycle.
You may receive a final invoice during the 1st week of the following month.
E.g. A cancellation request was received 21st of March
The account termination will be on 21st of April (based on 30 days cancellation notice)
A final invoice with charges from April 1st to April 21st will be issued within the 1st week of May

6. Contact Us

If you require assistance or have general questions please contact us via email at

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