Tracking Numbers - Mini Management Tool

Tracking Numbers - Mini Management Tool

A core concept within the AVANSER Call Tracking system is the Tracking Number. A Tracking Number is provisioned by AVANSER for use within online or offline advertising spaces.

Tracking Numbers need to be assigned a call endpoint or routing steps to direct calls to the correct telephone endpoint. Track Numbers cannot act as a stand alone telephone endpoint.

Managing Tracking Number and the related services, such as Dynamic Numbers, are done through the AVANSER Customer Portal. The Tracking Number Mini Management Tool allows our clients to manage the call redirection and other features within the Customer Portal.

Managing Tracking Numbers

Click on the Settings icon (the cog) at the top of the menu, expand the Call Tracking section, then click Tracking Numbers to access the Tracking Number settings. This screen will list all the current numbers and allows a new number to be created or existing numbers to be edited.

To view and edit the details of a service, click on the i icon next to the tracking number.

Creating a New Tracking Number

Click the Create a New Tracking Number button at the top right to open the create dialog.

Step 1 - Number Selection and Service Type

Select from the Countries, Number Types and Geographical regions your account can access to. Once a selection is made the system will automatically allocate a new number.
Number availability and prefixes depends on availability on the publicly switched telephone network.
Set an appropriate name for the Tracking Number, then continue through the tabbed section of the setup dialog.

Step 2 - Call Handling and Routing

In the Call Handling, Recording tab, set the Answer Point Name and Answer Point values appropriately. The Answer Point is the phone number that calls to the Tracking Number will be directed to.

Choose the Recording & Compliance value that is applicable for your business. Note that the customer calling the services must be informed the call is recorded if recording is enabled. Disabling the call recording only when staff a trained to inform customers directly.

Our standard preamble can be used or the automatic announcement disabled. The Prompt message in the Audio Files tab can be used to to provide a customised prompt (step 4 below).
Agents may need to disable the recording during the call to handle sensitive matters. In such scenario, enable the Recording Control option which allows agents to pause a recording by pressing *9 on their dial pad, and resume recording by pressing *8.

If transcription service is enabled for your account you can enable transcription from this panel by simply selecting “Calls and Voicemails will be transcribed” when prompted for “Transcribe Calls” option.

With these details completed appropriately, continue to the Email tab.

Step 3 - Missed Calls

The Missed Calls tab allows notification for missed calls to the set as desired, emailing call details to the specified recipients. Notifications can be customised, defaulting to "Missed and Abandoned Calls", with options for "Every Call, including Answered", "Calls with a Voicemail or a Recording", or "Only Missed Calls".

If additional missed call notification templates have been created in the client account, the Email Template field allows selection of the appropriate template for the notification email. If custom notification templates are required, please log a ticket with the support team, providing your custom HTML file.

Add the email address required for the notifications, pressing the Enter key between email addresses to add them on individual lines if multiple email address are required.

Once complete, continue to the Audio Files tab.

Step 4 - Audio Files

The Audio Files tab allows the Prompt, Whisper, On Hold and Voicemail audio to be set. The Mini Management Tool integrates the Audio Manager features, allowing audio uploads, the creation of new audio files or the selection of an existing audio file.

All available audio files are listed from a simple searchable select, showing when the file was last updated and what’s the name assigned to it. When an audio file is created using the Mini Management Tool it will be automatically named using Prompt, Whisper, On Hold, Voicemail (depending on where it was uploaded or created) and the Service Name assigned to the number.

The AVANSER Text to Speech service can be used to create audio announcements, with both Male and Female voices available.

Audio files can be uploaded. The system will automatically convert them to the mono format required to play audio over the telephone network. While all wave and mp3 files should be accepted, manual conversion of the audio file may be required if the upload fails.

Now that the audio is set, continue with the optional steps.

Step 5 - SMS Forward (optional - only shown for Mobile numbers)

When adding or editing a mobile number, the SMS Forward tab is shown, allowing SMSes sent to AVANSER mobile phone numbers to be forwarded to end recipients. This can be more convenient than checking the AVANSER portal for new SMSes.

SMSes can be forwarded to one or many mobile phone numbers and/or email addresses.

Sender Privacy allows the original sending number to be hidden from the end recipient, maintaining anonymity for the sender if this is required.

An SMS Auto Responder can be created to return a message to the original sender, allow a short text like "Thankyou for your enquiry, we will respond shortly." to be returned. When enabled, the message text can then be entered.

Add mobile phone recipients in the Forward Numbers section, clicking the + icon once the number has been entered to add the recipient.

To forward the SMS on as an email, select the Email Template, then enter the recipient in Forward Emails section and click the + icon.

Step 6 - Labels and Notes (optional)

The final tab, Labels and Notes, provides some optional fields that allow easy tracking or management of services.

When using the data export, WebAPI or Webhooks functionality, the Custom ID and Custom Group fields can be read with the call data. The Custom ID is generally used to store a record ID from another environment in the AVANSER system. The Custom Group field is for any other tracking information that might be needed in other systems. Any text values up to the character limit shown.

There is also a Notes field that allows some extra information to be added against the service to make future management easier.

With all the required information added to the Tracking Number, click Save to complete the creation of the new service. If a save does not complete, fields will be highlighted in red to show what information is invalid or missing. Tabs with invalid or missing information will also be indicated, making corrections easier.

Routing Types

The Mini Management Tool allows some basic service configurations for Voicemail, Prompt and other types or routing. Options in the interface are restricted automatically to accommodate the chosen service type, so options shown may not match the screenshots above exactly.

An example for the voicemail routing is shown below, which just provides the Voicemail option in the Audio Files tab.

Editing Tracking Number configurations

Editing a tracking number shows the same interface as creating a new service. To edit the service, select the tab and update the details as needed.  See the Create New Service steps above for details on each section.

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